I am exploring how to reuse materials in ways that will give them more than one meaning, more than one function, and more than one life in attempt to bring awareness to the objects we use, consume and dispose everyday. I would like to say that when I repurpose materials for my sculptures and installations that I am rescuing them by giving them a new life and new meaning. With this in mind, I also like places of contradiction, to create objects that resemble “other” objects we use everyday but hold a point of difference because these objects are rendered useless or absurd. I enjoy the manual labor to collect, to assemble, to produce an object that may only have one life but to then be an example of vulnerability, powerlessness and eventually the acceptance of letting go. By transforming these materials into art, I am attempting to bestow value from prior memories or associations that often get overlooked in the day to day society. The work points at the memory or trace of an object – and a first hand, tactile experience of handling it, the relationships developed with the objects, and comments on our dependence upon the objects as well. We all have a dependence on objects as a tool to gain or seek power, often leaving the objects to stand in as a metaphor.